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Terms And Conditions Of Service

When using this site FreelanceWebmarket.com you have agreed to accept the following Terms and Conditions of Service which can be updated by us from time to time without notice you, all updated information will be implemented immediately after its publication on this page.


When utilizing our services you are in agreement and compliant with regards to any and all communications from FreelanceWebmarket.com.

You agree, that Service is provided AS-IS that means FreelanceWebmarket.com is not responsible for timeliness, removal, abnormality or refusal of storage of any user communications or options.

These services are for use only under a non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-assignable license under these terms and conditions of use. You have no right to copy, sell, or otherwise maintain in any commercial (or non commercial) purposes the service or the content (in full or in part), access to this service or use of this service.

Some of the services offered in FreelanceWebmarket.com may contain a feedback survey for Users of this service and-or articles with the original contents and opinion. Using these contents, or participation in these contents you agree to do so at your own risk, the user agrees on the following:

FreelanceWebmarket.com provides access to the unchecked contents concerning the third part. FreelanceWebmarket.com has no possibility to check, and thus does not accept any obligations of the control, research, confirmation, the statement, or approval of the contents which is published on its website.


You agree that, you have achieved legal age to conclude contracts and you are not a person who is forbidden to use according to laws of Estonia and-or other countries, or other corresponding jurisdiction.

FreelanceWebmarket.com the website is accessible only to people who can generate legally obligatory contracts, Services of this website are not accessible to minors. If Users do not qualify in regards to all of these requirements they cannot use any of the FreelanceWebmarket.com services.


Registration data and other personal information pertaining to you are applicable to our Privacy Policy. You agree on gathering, storage and use (as it is directed in our Privacy Policy) this information, including transfer of this information to FreelanceWebmarket.com and to its partners.


You are completely responsible for maintenance of confidentiality of your personal password, and the accounts and actions which transpire within your personal account, and password. FreelanceWebmarket.com is not responsible for any loss or damage which takes place from your refusal to execute these terms and conditions.


You understand that only the person who has published this Content is responsible for the information publicly declared or confidentially transmitted. It means, that you, instead of FreelanceWebmarket.com, be completely responsible for the Contents which you load, declare, transmit or otherwise make accessible through this Service. FreelanceWebmarket.com is not responsible for the Contents posted through Service and, subsequently, does not guarantee accuracy, integrity or quality of such Content. You understand that using our Service, you can be exposed in offensive, indecent or undesirable aspect. FreelanceWebmarket.com will never be responsible for any Content, including, but not being limited to any mistakes or omissions in any Contents, either any loss or damage of any kind suffered as a result of use of any Contents, posted, sent on e-mail, transmitted or otherwise made accessible through Service.
You agree do not use Service for: loadings, announcements, sending by e-mail, transfer or otherwise facilitate access to any Content which is deemed to be illegal, harmful, menacing, offensive, discrediting, vulgar, obscene, slanderous, aggressive, harmful, or in any way racial, ethnically or otherwise undesirable.

You acknowledge that FreelanceWebmarket.com may or may not pre-screen Content, but that FreelanceWebmarket.com and its representatives have the right (but not the obligation) under their own discretion to show on the screen or to move any Contents which become accessible through Service.

FreelanceWebmarket.com and its representatives have the right to remove any Contents which breach the Terms and Conditions of our policies, if it is deemed undesirable for any other reason, at our discretion. You agree to take all risks connected with use of any Content including accuracy, completeness or full value of this Content. In this connection, you recognize that you cannot rely on any Contents created by FreelanceWebmarket.com or presented on FreelanceWebmarket.com.

You agree, that FreelanceWebmarket.com may gain access, maintain and open your account information and the Content as it is prescribed by law, or preservation of access or disclosing as necessary according to the point of view of: (a) performance of legal processes; (b) it is offered by Terms and Conditions; (c) answer the requirements, that such Content breaks the rights of the third parties; (d) answers your inquiries about service of the client; or (e) protects the rights, the property or personal safety of FreelanceWebmarket.com, its users and the public.

You understand that technical processes and utilization of Services, including your Content, can include: (a) transfer on various networks; and (b) changes to adapt to technical requirements of communication networks or devices.

You understand, that Service and the software entering into Service, can include components of safety in accordance with protected and or copyrighted digital media, and furthermore that the use
of these types of materials are protected under the rules of use established by FreelanceWebmarket.com and-or suppliers of any and all information which deliver the content for Service. You are strictly prohibited from attempting to reject or bypass any of these aforementioned rules of Services. Any and all unauthorized reproduction, publication, further distribution or public exhibition of materials given on Service, in full or in part, is strictly forbidden.


Any funds received from the account, procured from any other than legal sources! (For example stolen credit cards) will be immediately returned. FreelanceWebmarket.com is not responsible for any activity which causes the user to fail to produce, procure, and or facilitate sales and or revenues; FreelanceWebmarket.com is not responsible for the monitoring or maintaining of the users transactions. Therefore FreelanceWebmarket.com is not responsible for transactions that do not meet the users expectations or are not fulfilled completely to the users satisfaction. In such cases whereas the goods and services are not to the users satisfactions, or the goods or services are not delivered, as previously discussed. All users should use caution and proceed with any and all transactions as prudently as possible. FreelanceWebmarket.com is not responsible for your personal transactions and there ultimate outcome. You cannot refund your purchase at FreelanceWebmarket.com.


Recognizing global character of the Internet, you agree to carry out and respect all local laws, as well as international laws! Always being respectful of your personal online behavior and maintaining acceptable Content. In particular you agree to execute all laws concerning transfer of the specifications exported from Estonia or the country in which you live.


FreelanceWebmarket.com does not apply for the property of the Contents which you give or make accessible to Service. Concerning the Content which you give or make accessible to inclusion in publicly accessible areas of Service, you give FreelanceWebmarket.com extensive, without author fee and not exclusive license for the following


*With regard to photos, graphics, audio or video you submit or make available for inclusion on publicly accessible area of the Service other than FreelanceWebmarket.com Members we give
The license for use, distribution, reproduction, change, adaptation, public performance and public display of the Content for Service exclusively with a view of in which its Contents have been presented or made accessible. This license comes to an end when FreelanceWebmarket.com deletes this Content from Service.

* With regard to Content except for photos, audio, graphics or video you represent or make accessible to inclusion in publicly accessible areas of Service except for FreelanceWebmarket.com Members, the perpetual, irrevocable and fully sub licensable license to use distribute, reproduce, change, adapt, publish, translate, publicly perform and publicly display the Contents (in full or in part) and to include the Content in other works in any format or environment known or later developed.

The user understands and agrees on the following:
At the present time you give FreelanceWebmarket.com international, infinite, irrevocable, and without royalty the license to use, copy, change, show, and carry out the User contents, under all User intellectual property and the proprietary rights internationally. For prevention of doubt, providing communications to satisfy accepted on servers except for that from FreelanceWebmarket.com it will not be considered "representing" such contents with a view of this granting license.


You agree to consider FreelanceWebmarket.com and its branches, officials, the agents serving, partners and licensors exempted from any responsibility or requirements, including a payment made by any third party because of or resulting from the Contents which you represent, announce, transmit or otherwise make accessible through Services, your use of Service, your connection with Service, your infringement of Terms and Conditions, or your infringement of any rights of another.


You agree do not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resale or maintain in any commercial objectives of any part of Service, use of Service, or access to Service.


You agree that FreelanceWebmarket.com can establish the general principles and limits concerning use of the Service. You agree that FreelanceWebmarket.com has no responsibility for removal or refusal to store any messages and other communications or other Content supported or transmitted by Service. You recognize that FreelanceWebmarket.com reserves the right to remove accounts which are stagnant or idle on a long time interval. You further recognize that FreelanceWebmarket.com reserves the right to change these general principals and limits at any time without notice.


FreelanceWebmarket.com reserves the right at any time and from time to time to change or stop, temporarily or permanently, Services with or without notice. You agree, that FreelanceWebmarket.com will not answer for you or any third party for any updating of information, possibly resulting in a suspension or the termination of Services.


14. END
You agree, that FreelanceWebmarket.com can, under certain circumstances, at our discretion, and without prior notice, immediately discontinue your FreelanceWebmarket.com account any connected e-mail address, and access to our Services.


You agree that FreelanceWebmarket.com will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind suffered as result of any such actions or as a result of presence of such advertisers on FreelanceWebmarket.com.


You recognize and agree, that FreelanceWebmarket.com will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or losses caused in connection of use of the Content, the goods or the services accessible on or through a site or a resource. Connection with or providing URL, any and all sites and or pages containing obscene or vulgar language are strictly prohibited and are not allowed. Essentially adult websites cannot be published within FreelanceWebmarket.com. You agree do not post any link, URL of FreelanceWebmarket.com competitors.


FreelanceWebmarket.com gives you a personal, inexpressible both non-exclusive right and license for use of codes of the object Software on one computer; provided that you will not be (and will not allow any third part) to copy, change or alter and or redesign the initial text of the Software. You agree do not change or alter the Software in any manner or form, in addition do not utilize counterfeited or altered versions of the any copyrighted Software, including (without restriction) reception of unauthorized access to Service. You agree do not gain access to FreelanceWebmarket.com Services except through the interface with which provides FreelanceWebmarket.com for assigned users access to Services.


You obviously understand and agree that your use of services is at your own personal risk, we are not responsible for the views and opinions of content of information obtained through the use FreelanceWebmarket.com.


You obviously understand and agree, that FreelanceWebmarket.com and its agents, and or partners do not bear the responsibility for any straight lines, indirect, unforeseen, special, consecutive losses, including but not being limited to loss of profits, data or other losses.


You agree do not publish false data, or any misleading information which may result in immediate suspension or termination at our discretion.


Services are provided in the form of information and in commercial objectives. FreelanceWebmarket.com and its licensors do not bear the responsibility for accuracy, full value or suitability of any information transmitted or made accessible through utilization of our Services, and should not be responsible for any trade or the investment decisions established on such information. We are not involved in any transactions between you and other FreelanceWebmarket.com users. You obviously understand and agree that FreelanceWebmarket.com has no relation to any dispute, is not obliged to undertake any action or to refrain from undertaking action to the decision of any such dispute. If you enter into a dispute with any other user of the Site, you agree that FreelanceWebmarket.com is exempt from any statement, requirements and any all possible losses (actual and or consecutive) and character connected with regards to this dispute.


You agree that, except as otherwise expressly provided in this Terms and Conditions, there shall be no third-party beneficiaries to this agreement.


FreelanceWebmarket.com reserves the right to provide you notice, including changes of Terms and Conditions, by e-mail, regular mail or through publication on the given page.


Without authorization and a FreelanceWebmarket.com sanction, you agree do not display and or utilize any FreelanceWebmarket.com trade mark.


FreelanceWebmarket.com respects the intellectual property of others, and we expect that our users do the same.
FreelanceWebmarket.com, under certain circumstances and under its discretion, can disable and-or close accounts of users who have repeatedly infringed upon the rights of others. If you believe, that your work has been copied, that is a copyright infringement, or your intellectual property rights have been broken differently, please, communicate FreelanceWebmarket.com.

Sarkis Design OU
Tammsaare tee 74-7
Tallinn, 13413, Estonia
Fax: (+372) 65 22 645

or by email: Contact Us


Terms and Condition set up the full agreement between you and FreelanceWebmarket.com and supervises over your use of Service, replacing any previous agreements between you and FreelanceWebmarket.com concerning Service. You may also be subjected to additional terms and conditions which can be applied when you use or purchase services from other FreelanceWebmarket.com users services or goods, and or (affiliate services), concerning third party content or the software concerning a third party.

Waiver and Severability of Terms.
In specific cases whereas the inconsistency of application of any FreelanceWebmarket.com rules and regulations are not the reason of refusal of application of this right or conditions. (Ignorance of rules does not relieve from responsibility of their performance.) If the court of competent jurisdiction finds any condition of Terms and the Conditions, unsuitable, the parties, however, agree that the court should try to judge the parties with intention of the account of this condition, and other positions of Terms and Conditions remain in full force.

No Right of Survivorship and Non-Transferability
You agree that your FreelanceWebmarket.com account is inexpressible and any rights to your FreelanceWebmarket.com account come to an end in the event of your unfortunate demise. At reception of a legal and certifiable copy of the certificate of death, your account can be promptly closed.

Statute of Limitations
You agree, that irrespective of any statute or the law to the contrary, any claim or cause of action resulting or connected with use Service or the Terms and Conditions should be filed (or registered) within one (1) year, 365 calendar days, after occurrence of such requirement (application), or the basis of the claim or to be forever forbidden.

The titles in Terms and Conditions are used only for convenience and have no legal or contractual effect.

Terms and Conditions and relations between you and FreelanceWebmarket.com shall be determined as governed by the currently active laws of the sovereignty of Estonia as prescribed without taking into account lawful conditions of the conflict. You and FreelanceWebmarket.com agree to obey personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within Estonia.


Please inform and provide any and all information in regards to possible infringements of Terms and Conditions at the Report Violation page.


Members agree do not announce an e-mail address on a site if it is expressed as forbidden by FreelanceWebmarket.com.


You are authorized do make direct contact with another member unless as prescribed as prohibited and not permitted by FreelanceWebmarket.com


Users will not distribute any information unless requested and permitted, any solicitation of information in the form of commercial messages or ("SPAM") through the User account will not be permitted and is unauthorized.

Users will not participate in personal attacks, negative or unfair criticism or any other form of nonprofessional online behaviors.
Users will not create repeated user accounts.
Only one account per IP is allowed.
Account can be unblocked only once!

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